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Audition Information for Little Mermaid
SATURday, Jan. 27th 10:00AM-12:00pm
Sunday, Jan. 28th 10:00AM-12:00pm

Performers ages 9-18 can audition to join The Little Mermaid cast.

Note from Musical Director Charlie Bird re: Audition Song: 

Please prepare a 30 second song to sing. (The song can be from anything. Suggestions might be choosing a favorite Disney song or Broadway Musical song that actor identifies with or just likes.

If you have the karaoke track for your song available (look on youtube for "backing track" or "karaoke" (it exists for most songs), please have it prepared on your phone, and either bring a speaker for faster hook up, or you can hook up to our speaker.

You will need to be present for about 30 minutes at Auditions.

Sign Up for one of our 30 minute group audition slots.

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