Audition Information for alex & The magic staff


Imagine living in the digital world of Alex & the Magic Staff!  Castles, a Dragon, Cavernous Mines, Shady Forests, ...

Carefully crafted digital backgrounds by Andrea Cedraro will help you imagine you are in the world of Tartarium. Don't miss out on this FREE opportunity to participate in the world premiere of Alex & The Magic Staff on Zoom!

Visit our Submissions Page to send in your short audition video to Bridget Palmer today.


We're bringing back our 2018 production of Alex & The Magic Staff.  We've redesigned it for Zoom without songs, but with full costuming and fabulous digital backgrounds. We can accommodate up to about 60-75 children in 3 casts of young people in this show.  

Interested young people in grades 2 - 12 can audition to join one of the productions by submitting a video of themselves acting.

Storyline:  Alex, a nerdy middle schooler, is being bullied.  He escapes his problems when he and his best friend find a portal to a fairytale realm through his locker. However, they emerge in the middle of a royal coup! The evil Queen Nira has kidnapped Princess Nadia and her two sisters. If Princess Nadia can’t find the Staff of Transmogrification, her sisters will be forced to work in the mines. Alex and friends rescue Princess Nadia, and join forces with her sisters and other prisoners to find the Staff and defeat the evil queen. Shaped by his adventures in the Land of Tartarium, Alex finds the courage to handle his bullies when he returns to school.


In Alex and the Magic Staff, Alex finds courage through friendship. 


Performances will be virtual (online) in November 2020.


Auditions: Brief snippets of characters’ lines are available at (link). 

Record a video performing the lines of the character you’d like to be. Upload the video to (link) by September 20th, 2020.  


The number of lines for each character is approximate and is provided so participants know how much they’ll have to memorize for each part. 

Alex, 5th or 6th grader at Meadow View Elementary (55 lines)

Brooke, Alex’s precocious Younger Sister (40)

Nadia, Princess of Tatarium, an orphan, age 11-13 (40)

Tim, 5th or 6th grade, Alex’s friend (30)

Queen Nira, the Evil Queen/ Nora, the Girl Scout (26)

Ivona, Princess Nadia’s younger sister, in the middle (20)

Evil Advisor #1 Damon (16) 

Evil Advisor #2 Simon (16) 

Evil Advisor #3 Ruben (16)

Dungeon Master, a Toad, perhaps with a working-class British accent (14)

Fortuna, a relative of Danir, Prisoner in the mines (14)

Red Tail, Fox, Prisoner in the mines (13)

Danir, a Wizard (13)

Danica, Princess Nadia’s youngest sister (12)

Timor, Rabbit, Prisoner in the mines (11)

Mika, Human, Prisoner in the mines, any age (10)

Windwalker, Bird, Prisoner in the mines (9)

Michael, 5th or 6th grade bully (8)

Whiskers, Nadia’s cat (8)

Muriel, Alex’s Mom (7)

Evan, 5th or 6th grade bully (7)

Dan, Alex’s Dad (6)

Jessica, Brooke’s Friend, sister of Michael (6)

Sara, Brooke’s friend (6)

Ariel, a Dwarf (6)

Ana, a Dwarf (5)

Lady of the Rainbow (4)

Queen’s Servant 1 (2)

How To Audition

Step 1: Choose one of the Characters with Lines. - Click Here to See the Options.

Step 2: Actor Memorizes those Lines

Step 3: A parent films the actor  performing the lines

Step 4: By September 11th, visit our Submissions page to upload your audition video. Click Here to visit page.

--Rehearsal Schedule Availability -- your child needs to be consistently available for 8 weeks of rehearsal on Zoom. Actors probably won't have to stay on the Zoom call for 1.5 hours - it depends upon their role in the play.


Rehearsals Begin as Soon as a Show is cast.

Final performance times are TBA in Nov.

On the Submissions page, let us know which of the times below work for your family. Your child will be assigned to only ONE of them.

Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm

Saturdays 3:00-4:30pm

Sundays 12:00-1:30pm

Step 4: We hope to be able to let you know if your child has been cast by Monday, September 26th.