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Check Out our Pre-Show Activities Below

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*If you are coming to see a specific performer, please note.


The Sea Cast featuring Avery, Sydney, June, & Ainsley  

performs at 7pm on April 26 & May 3rd, as well as 3:30pm on April 27th and May 4th.

The Sand Cast featuring Aria, Scarlett, Spirit, and Bean

  performs at 1pm on April 27th and May 4th, as well as 3:00pm on April 28th and May 5th.

All other performers perform their roles in every show.


1) We encourage kids to come dressed as merfolk or other water creatures!

2) In honor of Earth Day, we're sharing the message "Be Curious and Be Kind".

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3) Starting 30 minutes before show time!!

We're inviting children in the audience to get curious about our own Laguna De Santa Rosa  and color pictures of animals that live there. Children can add their artwork to a temporary mural in the theatre. Drawings can be brought form home or children can use the templates and colors we'll provide at the theatre.


Click the KSRO Radio logo to hear a great interview by Michelle Marques about the ATFC program that aired recently on their Sonoma County Focus Program.

For Even More Fun,
Your Child Can Come Dressed as
Their Favorite Water Creature!


These events are funded, in part, by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

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If you'd like to help as a volunteer, donor, or sponsor, please email:


Sonoma Voiture

No. 338

of the 40 & 8

Martin Slobodnik Post No. 338

     American Legion

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