Audition Material - Lines to memorize

 Alex: (Not wanting to engage) Just stay out of it, Brooke. I don’t need you sticking up for me. It just makes it worse. (and the line below)

(From inside the portal calling back) What do I know? I’m just a toddler.  (calling out) Tim, hurry up! I hear someone crying in here, but they’re too far away to see. Maybe someone else from school got stuck in here.

Tim: You’re not a baby, Alex. You’re a super smart toddler.  (He laughs) At least you’re
        potty trained! (He laughs more in a good natured way. Alex smiles. The bell rings.)
         Hey, I forgot my Spanish book. Can I borrow yours?

Brooke: Alex has always been like that. (whispering) Dad, told me he doesn’t have a backbone. But it’s a secret. I’m not supposed to talk about it.

Sara: Poor Alex!  He doesn’t stick up for himself, but he doesn’t want our help.
          So, what are we supposed to do?

Jessica: At least you’re never as mean as my brother.  And Evan. Ever since Dad
              moved out, Michael is angry a lot.

Michael:  (mocking) “Make us proud!”  What a baby!  What are you gonna do to make
                your daddy proud today, “Awex”? What a loser!

Queen Nira/ Nora: (she makes a gesture indicating they should stop talking) Too much information, my loyal Advisors! She doesn’t need to know so many details. I am paying the three of you for good advice!  Not for being cry babies. Now tell me, what exactly should we do with the young princesses?

Nora: An army?? No way! I was just walking to Girls Scouts for our cookie sales meeting after the rain stopped, and just for fun, I tried to jump into a rainbow, to see if there really was a pot of gold. And now, here you are. And here I am! I don’t remember anything after leaping...until now.

Evil Advisor 1: I think we should make the two little brats work in the mines until Princess
                 Nadia brings us the Staff of Transmogrification!

Princess Nadia: Forgive my sister, your Grace. I humbly ask your permission to use the Staff to save my people.  Queen Neera invaded our lands and has killed my parents and taken over our castle.  We promise only to use it for good.    (and the line below)

Princess Nadia: (to the Fox) Redtail, take charge of those prisoners!

Princess Ivona: I refuse to do anything for that imposter!  I am a royal princess of the
            House of Dengala. How dare a toad order me around!

Princess Danica: (still very excited to chime in the storytelling) So, Ivona and I ran through the woods (keeping out of sight of the soldiers), which was not easy,  until we found the bottom of the rainbow!

Fox: Your Majesties, the Toad usually goes out several times a day. As soon as he leaves, we stop working, but when we hear him coming down the tunnel, we start  working again, as if we’d never stopped.

Dungeon Master Toad: It seems you little ladies isn’t taking me serious. You know what can happen, if you get on my wrong side, don’t you Rabbit?

Lady of the Rainbow: Rise, Princess Nadia. I see that this is true. I entrust you with the this staff of power. May you wield it wisely. Restore peace to your realm and one day return it to me for safekeeping, from all who would abuse the weak for their own gain.

Rabbit:  (timidly) Rabbit meat, is highly overrated, sir. Just saying. It tastes a lot like chicken...I’ve been told...haven’t tried it myself..of course--

Whiskers: Thank goodness you’re all safe.  (and the line below)

Whiskers:  I’ll come too. My night vision may help!

Danir: We believe the Queen’s forces are patrolling the forest as we speak.

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